Saturday, January 19, 2008


Got my invite to Ravelry today--woohoo. I still have a cold-bummer. Have so much I want to do and so little energy. I'm trying to finish a felted bag and hope to wash it tomorrow. I like the way the stripes are working. I'll post pictures soon.

Friday, January 18, 2008

first entry

Welcome to my new blog. I am very 'green' at this and will probably make many mistakes so bear with me. I picked the title of this blog since I live in Texas and spend quite a bit of time making my yard green and pretty. That is hard when we usually have drought conditions here.
I am a crafter who knits with needles, looms, machines, and whatever will use yarn. I dabble in crochet (just to get by with) -it uses yarn also.
I do a bit of machine embroidery but my husband likes this more than I do. I play at it. I get flustered easily with it all since I am a perfectionist at it and hate when a design messes up my fabric or towel or item. I do love the look when it stitches out right so don't get me wrong-it is very fun and satisfying too.
I am starting to make a few quilts but so far they are the nine block tied variety. Maybe I'll branch out someday.
Again, my favorite thing to do is sit back, relax and knit to my hearts content.