Friday, February 15, 2008


Went shopping for more yarn today. But this time with a project in mind. I want to make the convertible vest/bag in wool. I'm allergic to wool so why I want to make this I do not know. It just looks like so much fun. A vest that zips into a purse, what a cool idea. It is a pattern in 'Knit Tricks' that Isela recommended to us. It uses all rectangles so they will also work on a loom not just needles. I bought brown and SWS brown to make one and Denim blue and blue marl for another. See, I bought enough for 2 - so I better get going.
More pictures soon, new computer doesn't have USB port yet.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Wow, I haven't been able to access this since my computer blew up. Now I'm back up and running. Just hope I haven't lost all my bookmarks and embroidery files from the fall and Christmas on the old one. Need to find a copy of windows XP to get back into the crashed computer. Then I can maybe get back some files. I backed up a bunch of embroidery files up till the fall but I was very busy this year and downloaded more than ever during the holidays. I knew better. I'll need to set up a better system, like every sunday or something to do backups. This was not fun.

Friday, February 1, 2008

KISS looms

I am working on the KISS loom baby items class. It is a real learning experience. I like it though. I finished the blanket so now I am needle knitting the same pattern to see how long it takes compared to the loom. It ended up needing a size 17 knitting needle to get the same gauge as this blanket. I thought it was a smaller guage. I cast on the same number of stitches (60) and I will do the same number of rows (90). I did use a different color yarn but it is the same weight yarn. I'll see what they look like in comparison. Then I will move on to the sweater and hat and booties.

I am also working on a knit purse. It was a kit on clearance at Joann's but I changed it up a bit. I did it in the round so I won't have to seam it and I made two pockets so far. Next I am figuring out how I will do the handles. I don't want to do I-cord this time. It is wool and I will felt it as soon as I get the handles done. I like the colors and the way the stripes showed up. After it is felted I will make the lining like my last purse with pockets to organize everything inside. These liners are really easy to sew up. The purse I am using now was knit with fabric strips. It is a bit to small and somewhat colorful and doesn't always match me.

Today I need to clean up my crafting space and work on some embroidery for my sister. Tomorrow is her birthday and I am so behind on getting her a gift. I always have trouble with hers. I never get a card or anything out on time. I don't know why. Groundhogs day is not easy to forget. I just never get her stuff out in time. Maybe its because she is the same way with me. I don't know why we do this to each other. Oh well.