Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter update

Well Easter has come and gone again. We have been having storms and then warm days and then cool. It can't make up its mind right now. I like the moderate days though so it won't get extremely hot so quickly. I had two big dinners to cook for on Easter and now it is Wednesday and I've finally recuperated. I'm just getting to old for all this. I made everyone promise that next year is a Sunday out for a change.
I haven't loomed in a week with all the other stuff going on but I have cleaned out some stuff and knitted half of a cloth. I joined a new group on Ravelry called 'Cloth of the Week'. It is so neat and you can make many of them and then make an afghan later or just give cloths for gifts. I like this idea. I'll want to make them all just like the looming patterns and I hope I don't get myself to worked up over not being able to do them all. I'm going to try and make them all from cotton if possible. I've done so many other fibers that cotton will be a change. I'll post a picture when it is done.