Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy August 2008

I've been really busy this summer and seem to be getting no where fast. I have been remodeling my house and trying to organize. Life keeps getting in the way. I want no more surprises this summer. Funerals of friends seemed to be never ending, each week something horrible happened. Then household things like washer flooding laundry room, electrical problems and other everyday stuff filled my life. I have been trying to keep my sanity by loom knitting and sewing (teaching to sew class in the picture) but not getting much completed there either. I did make a pinwheel blanket for a friends new baby, 24 snowballs for VBS and a hacky sack,then the LAL pinwheel dishcloth at Dalooms (pink picture above). Now I am almost halfway with my first sweater on the KISS loom (half of back done in picture with loom and pick). I am behind in that class but I will continue to plod along. I have so many squares to catch up on in the afghan class but I had no intended recipient for this one so it will take a back seat. Now I need to fire up and start on my Christmas gifts. I have some yarn already to make my husband socks (wool) and my DIL a nice top and purse. I need to concentrate on those quickly so I won't be rushed at the holidays. We are painting and re-doing the living room this week and next.See the mess before starting. The table and computer area are my Husbands messes. I'll post new pictures when it gets done. My new wall unit and dining table will be here in a week so we have to get this done this weekend. I hate starting but will love the end results. Then I can get back to finish up the organizing in my craft room. I still need to remove two pieces of furniture and put up the peg board system. That should help a bunch. Then I will sort out the closets hopefully for the last time. I'm working on the flylady principle of 15 minutes and bless others and it can get done. I actually cleaned out 9 Kitchen cabinets this week so it does work. Just one at a time and it will finish before you know it. A friend is leaving her husband so I'm going to give her my extra furniture. That will help me clean up the clutter and bless her in setting up household from scratch with her and her daughter. They were in a mess and deserve nicer things. Many at the church are volunteering to help her. Till next time...keep looming :-)