Friday, August 14, 2009

Lion Brand yarns has Lola doin' the happy dance since they decided all the patterns are now free. Yippee!! I'll happy dance with her. I love their site, they have knit, crochet, loom knit and board knitting. All plus great yarn.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where to find the Pattern for Scrubby-O's

Go to Bethany Daily's site to get the pattern for these scrubbies. They are made on a loom with cotton and tulle. They are fun to make and she has three videos of how to do it, you can work along side of the videos until you finish. Her site is: and the pattern is under the title 'My Goodies for you' at the bottom so scroll down to find it.
These work very well in the kitchen but also in the shower to exfoliate your skin. They are machine wash and dry too. You can get colored tulle at Hobby Lobby and at Joann's and she shows you how to prepare it in the video's too. The cotton is any kitchen cotton like the type to make dishcloths with.


I haven't posted again since it has been a crazy and very busy summer. I have been cleaning, knitting, mowing, mowing and mowing. Did I say the grass has been very green?? It has been raining a bunch and then very hot on the non-rainy days. 100 then rain, 100 then rain. One storm brought 70 mile per hour sheer winds and now we need a new roof and electrical work due to the water seeping in the light fixtures inside. A friend had a bad accident this summer and I went over and stayed there a while taking care of her 13 year old daughter while she was still in the Hospital. That and cooking have been a big thing this year. Normally I don't cook in the summer, only BBQ or quick light meals. This summer is cook and cook some more. I am not losing the weight I should due to this either. I haven't finished much craft wise, but I do have projects in the works. I did finally work on some kitchen scrubby-O's and made 4 so far. I love this pattern so look for some as gifts. Here are two pictures of the few I've done so far (above).