Friday, September 3, 2010

Lynn Markmans looms

I have a friend who also makes looms. She has been in business 8 years now making beautiful wood looms for sale. She is in California on a cute little farm. Here is a message from Lynn;

Yip, I sell looms! My hubby, Steve, has many talents, does not make my looms! I have no idea, where that rumor started, lol!
Markman Farm looms are handmade, here in the USA, of quality oak. They are what I like to call, "functional art!" Heirloom quality, lightweight and a joy to knit with.In today's economy, buying Markman Looms is an excellent investment for many years of looming pleasure! And, the loom sales help support my loom man's family, my family and various charities. Sweet!Our website is changing over the next couple weeks! We'll post a new Holiday Pattern Contest, sale priced looms for our group Loom-Alongs, new patterns! Check us out at; My appreciation, gratitude, my thanks, to my customers! They inspire me!!
Looming Possibilities!
Lynn Markman
Celebrating 8 Loom Knitting Years Together!

If you like to loom, take a look at her site and patterns. She has retreats at her farm once in a while too and they are fun to attend. I haven't been to one but know some who have. They ended up making a wonderful intarsia bag the last get together. She sells looms, kits and has patterns. Take a look, you won't be sorry.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow, I just looked over this blog and the pictures. I want the clean kitchen back!! That Christmas looked nice too with that new TV. Now my house is messier than ever. I guess it is time for an intervention or go back full force with the Fly lady and cleaning list. I thought I was doing alright but looking back, this trouble with my back is making me lazy. Now I have a set goal. At least return to the 2008 pictures and try to improve even from that. This will take a bit of time and hopefully regain some energy.
I finished needle knitting my drop stitch scarf and my shawl. Here are pictures of the newest knit additions of mine.The bag Is Isela's little Lexi bag.
I'll post more pictures tomorrow, we had Tornado weather tonight and I got on here late. The two storms missed us; the second one just barely though. To close for comfort again.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I really can't believe I have not posted since 2009!!
I don't like to talk about myself and don't know what to post usually. I have been slacking lately. Pictures of my house really show that off. I never did get this craft room cleaned up. I fell off from Flylady. I need to re-inlist.
I have been knitting a shawl and have another to do also. I mainly need to use the yarn from my son from Christmas though. It is high on my list to complete.
I now belong to meetup in Frisco and have been enjoying a day away to knit and recharge my batteries. I'm getting back on schedule since my back went out in the fall. It still is messed up but I am seeing a doctor to help out. I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand but an hesitant to do the other. Soon I will decide.
I will post pictures soon of a finished project. I'm working on several. I need to focus.
Spring is here and the yard is looking very nice. Flowers everywhere.
I will try to post sooner, with pictures.