Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ants, Ants ants.....September 19th

I hate ants, especially fire ants. We have so many mounds popping up due to the heavy rains for a week now. The worst was getting them in the bathroom and kitchen today. I hope I got them all. I found the eggs. I killed, killed and killed some more. I also got bit. Did I say I hate ants?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm working on the pattern for the turban hat. I will have a contest to name the hat real soon. Also, I will have video's of how to make it. It is fun. I'm waiting for my sons video camera and to find time to finish writing the pattern. I'm being very thorough writing it up. Probaly to much so. I will have to write the shorter version then post it. I want to eventually do a class with this one and maybe even another one I want to make. The connection in the back is what I have to show to make it understandable. It is so simple.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I still have another idea for this hat. I want the back to look less 'baby like' with the gather so I will try a flat short row variation and see if it works better. Also, if the band around the head were wider it may be able to be sewn straight up the back eliminating the gather all together. I still have to work a bit on this. The braided edge along the back looks very nice and could be used for other things. This step I will show on a video to make it easier. I have to get the video camera from Tim then I can add the pattern and video both here. This will be the first time for this so be patient. It may take me a bit to figure it all out.

New hat

I have been MIA on this blog. I just looked back at last year and wow, I had a clean house. Now only the master bedroom is fairly organized. I need to get further than last years pictures.
I have been working on this hat. I still need to finish the directions. When they are complete and a video is ready I will post it with a contest to name this hat. Prizes will be awarded. No time posted just yet but very soon I hope.