Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Long time since last post. I spent all day today cleaning and grocery shopping. At least my clean kitchen is still clean and so is part of my house. My craft room is still not tackled, nor is the master bedroom but that gives me something to do this winter and into spring--oH joy!! I am looming gifts and getting ready to do a mass sewing. I have so much to do before Christmas. How do we always get ourselves so over whelmed this time of the year?? I bring it on myself so I must love it or something. My boys will be here for Turkey dinner. I have a 22 pounder this year-HUGE. They said they want to take lots of leftovers home. I still have a bunch to clean up around here. Tomorrow will be a crazy day as will the next few. We don't stress much. I just cook way to much.
This year is just flying by. To many funerals. The last two months have been horrible for me. Now I need to pour myself back into things. I felt so disconnected but am coming around again. No pictures today but I will take some of my Christmas items and post them soon.

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