Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hi bloggers. I did not even know this page still existed. I live in Frisco for a year and a half now. I still have the old Denison house but it is almost done and ready to sell. Only a few minor details left. It sure looks different than the old pictures here back in 2008. The trees are much bigger, all the rooms are painted different and the stuff and junk and furniture are at my new house except a couch, chair and that old king waterbed. I may never be able to get rid of that. LOL  I have changed too. I am on my way to a healthier lifestyle and have lost 45 pounds and have about that much or more to still go. Different eating and exercise habits for sure. Having two houses for one makes for a bunch of grass mowing. Ugh. When I am down to one house I will focus more on weight training the proper way instead.
I still knit, loom knit, crochet and machine embroider. Not as much sewing right now but I am getting back into that again too. I do not have a dedicated sewing area since my sons moved in with me. Tim moved out and slowly will take his stuff too (I hope). He took his cat tonight and boy is it quiet, even though Daniel is still here.
I will have to start posting photos again of things I make. I still make stuff, I just forget to photograph them. (I need a new photo of myself too) :-)
See you on the flip side.

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