Thursday, April 17, 2008

this weeks post

I feel like this week was the same as the last post. I mowed grass for two days, got stung by a wasp 4 times and now I am helping a friend out with her dads funeral. It also stormed again tonight. Didn't this week happen just like that last week? Any more illness or death needs to stay at Satan's door not mine-Be gone Devil! There I spoke it.
I started on Square two of our afghan loom class finally. I hope to get the basket weave scarf moving along and done soon. Then I want to make the pinwheel blanket. I am behind but oh well. I won't let that stop me. I just need to find that pattern...hmm, is it under pile A, or was that B or C? It may even be in the living room. I'll find it soon, then the hunt for the perfect yarn out of my stash. That could take a whole day in itself. The looming will probably be the easy part. When I clear off a space I will sew linings for the two bags I made. I need to hurry that up so I can use my bag. My other one is just a bit to small for me. I have trouble carrying my checkbook and my inhaler and my epiPen with my other junk in such a small bag. I think this one will suit me much better. I have to finish it since my husband wants to take a trip at the end of May. I will be without a computer for two whole weeks-boohoo. Now I really want that laptop. This second hand computer already has problems too. I'll see what Santa can do for Christmas. :-)

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