Thursday, April 10, 2008

long time no see

I haven't posted on here in a while now. I have been busy knitting, and painting a bedroom. I stalled on the bedroom since I can't move the desk without help. Then the carpet gets out the door. The paint is dry and I have one more blind to put up. Then the rearranging begins. I'll post a picture real soon. I finished felting my striped bag finally. I still have to make the lining. I also made a small child's bag. A little girl wanted to learn how but she gave up after a few rows. I finished it. Now it also needs lining. I will probably do both of those tomorrow. Last week was a bust. Only the painting got done. I had to help with a funeral and Wednesday was just a weird day. This week is going better but I'm not finishing anything yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Today we had storms and a Tornado went about 4 or 5 miles west of us. We were sitting here waiting for it at dinner time. Luckily it went North and when it hit the lake it weakened. This is Tornado season here and we get many. I live in Tornado alley.

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