Thursday, March 6, 2008

second snow storm-March 6,2008

Wow, all that first snow melted and yesterday was beautiful and 60 degrees. The Bradford Pear trees were buzzing with bees. At least I did my part to save the honey bees. They were pollinating the trees like mad. But, at noon today a snow storm, whiteout hit us again. It came early surprising everyone. We got about 7 inches in 3 hours and I have never seen such large snowflakes in my life. And I lived in the North for a long time. I finally went out and shoveled so my husband could get in the drive. All the neighbors got stuck. Then the neighbor kids and some young neighbor guys and I went out making snowmen and having snowball fights. It was fun. I let the inner child out. Now I'm ready to get cozy, drink hot chocolate and knit. Yeah!! A reason to just mush. Here are some more snow pictures. I'm sure all of you get so much you never want to see snow again, but here we NEVER get any. This is a once in a while event.

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