Monday, March 3, 2008

SNOW 2008

WOW, what a snow!!! It started to snow about 6:30 and it hasen't stopped yet. It was only supposed to snow maybe and inch and then melt. We already have 4 inches or more. It is sitting right over us. Down just a bit south it only did snow 1-2 inches and east and west didn't get much. We actually had white out conditions for a short time. It is beautiful outside---If it was CHRISTMAS!!!! But this is March---It was 71 degrees for the last 3 days, we even BBQ'd a steak last night on that grill!!. They say a few more hours of this stuff. We may be the only place with this much, they said on the news one or two spots will see up to 10 inches. Us and Durant Oklahoma. We may be the only ones snowed in by morning. Thats OK, I wasn't going out anyway. I voted early.There are already cars off the roads and in the ditches here. They always do that. We only get snow every year or two and then only once or twice. No one here knows how to drive or slow down on this. It was great snowman snow. Real wet and stuck together great. I'm past 50 but had to be the one making the snowman. I stayed out over an hour and a half and my SWS socks never even got wet. They kept my feet so warm. I'm still wearing them and drinking hot chocolate. Yummy.Here are some pictures:

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