Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hacky sacks

I made one of these Hacky sacks when another loomer wanted to see it from the snowballs I already made. I still need to try it on my KISS loom. I used the small flower loom. I cast on using Brenda's gather cast on technique( Then I knit with worsted weight yarn (two strands as one) for 14 rounds. I used the knit stitch not the e-wrap to make a nice tight stitch. Then I threaded it for the gather cast off and removed it from the loom. Then fill a large new helium style balloon about half full of rice. Tie a knot and put this balloon into another balloon. Then pull the yarn tight and knot it inside by weaving the tail into the ball and out one other stitch. Don't fill it to full or it won't be flexible. They only take 20 minutes each. I used Red Heart Strata. It ended up being 2.5 inches across and high. I have unusally large flowers (aren't they pretty).

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Jackie said...

What a cute idea...I had wondered if you could make hacky sacks from the loom. The only pattern I had found was crochet and with a very small hook...hard on the eyes!

I'm going to try and make some of these later on...I'll have to find some balloons.

Also thanks for your message on my blog. I have started my first pair of socks, so we'll see how it goes. It seems a little many pegs in a small area. At least it's easy to take along.