Saturday, July 5, 2008

There is actually a rug under all that stuff? Some of the floor is now being exposed-gasp--would you believe under that lamp is another cubicle of yarn? It hasn't been seen in over 6 months now. Wonder what yarn it is? I get to be the church storage center and 4 bags are fleece for blankets, a brand new sewing machine under there somewhere for a door prize in August, and a brand new printer of my sons. Also, baby present for a friend, other sons mending and two boxes of books. What a mess. But at least I know what it all is right? I may get new pictures up on the wall when the buffet from the dining room leaves this space (it is hiding there on the right, up against the wall just taking up space too).

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Patricia Blankenship,ocds said...

I can identify with your yarn stash. Mine also includes fiber for spinning and yarn for weaving. Sigh.

BTW, I left a message for you on Ravelry....we live very near one another.