Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pinwheel Blanket

We worked on this blanket several times over the last year and I finally made one and finished it. It is for a friends new baby. The pattern is from Denise Layman and wasn't as hard as I thought it might have been. I used bright colors since we didn't know if it would be a boy or girl. Plus she likes brights. I bought the yarn Baby bee at Hobby Lobby and used it two strands as one since it is a finer yarn.


Scarlett a.k.a. kittyred said...

I LOVE the colors of your Pinwheel Blanket and how you did your design. The pinwheel design really pops out at ya...

Jackie said...

Like I said..."WOW" I just love the colors...soooo cute!!!! And I love your "snowballs"...wish I could've been there for the snowball fight..he!he! I would love to have the pattern for your hacky sacks sometime...are they small? Made with cotton thread?

Buzzer just rang...cookies are ready in the oven. I cheated, got the dough already mixed up, oh well...they almost taste as good as my homemade ones.

Happy Looming!
PS: Thanks for sending my name in on Bethany's blog.

Patricia Blankenship,ocds said...

Neat blanket! Great colors! Looks like it would be fun to knit.